Your Expert Guide to Top Bitcoin Casinos

Slots in Bitcoin Casinos

We all play to win that huge score; that life-changing money so we can quit our boring day job and travel around the world or buy that big house in the best part of town. And we want to win that big money without too much effort and time.

Does that sound impossible to combine? Not with slots. With one simple click of the mouse button you can win millions within a few seconds. Should you get lucky and hit one of the big, burgeoning jackpots, just be ready for the money shower of your life.

Slot machines have been a big hit in casinos around the world and the craze has grown even bigger since casinos went online. The selection of video slots in online casinos is huge and you will never get bored as new games are constantly introduced. Video slots are the online casinos equivalent to slot machines in bricks ‘n’ mortar casinos.

Bitcoin casinos also offer an impressive amount of video slots. They are fun, exciting and can be the most profitable thing you have ever come across. Read further for more information on how to get the most out of your experience on the slots.

How to play Bitcoin slots

A slot machine might seem a bit confusing at first with a lot of different symbols and different buttons to press. But don’t worry, you will not miss out on anything as the outcome is totally random no matter what you play and your winnings will be paid out automatically.

Still, there are a few things which are good to know before you sit down and spin those wheels. First of all how much you want to bet on each spin. Your total bet is decided on two factors: [number of pay lines] multiplied by [the value of each coin].

Every video slot has a number of pay lines which zig-zags across the window. The number of lines is very different from slot to slot; some may only have 10, some up to 40. If you choose to bet on all of the lines you might win on several lines, but then of course your bet is also bigger than betting on only 1 or 2 lines.

The value of each coin splits up your bankroll into small coins, for example, 1 cent. So if you choose to bet 1 coin on 20 pay lines will your total bet be 20 cents. Your total bet is always displayed in the panel so make sure to check this before you hit the spin button - otherwise you might bet an amount too small to get the big payout; or bet too big and see your bankroll rapidly disappear.

How to choose the best Bitcoin slot

Slots differ a lot from game to game and there are many different variations. So what kind of game should you choose? You can basically divide the slots into two variations:

Multi-Line slots

This is the basic type of slot machine where you bet on different pay lines and if the wheel should give you matching symbols in a row, then you win. Most slots have five wheels and it is enough to have three matching symbols. Five symbols will give you a higher reward, of course.

You will experience winning frequently but mostly smaller amounts. The payout percentage for slots is generally quite high, typically around 95%, so you can very often leave the Bitcoin slot with a surplus.

Your goal however is to get the Scatter, or Bonus, symbols which will take you to the bonus games. How many of these symbols you need to match on varies and so do the bonus games, but this is where you can end up winning amounts that matter, amounts that make a difference.

Progressive jackpots

This is where you can win the huge life-changing jackpots. The jackpot is usually displayed and you can see that it is increasing every second until it bursts. This might happen once per week, but sometimes it takes several months before some lucky person can take home a big, fat jackpot worth millions.

So how do you win the jackpot? Again, it differs from slot to slot, but you usually have to hit some Scatter, or Bonus, symbols to reach some kind of bonus games where you need to get super lucky.

Reaching the bonus game happens fairly frequently but you will probably experience that it happens less frequently than in a normal multi-line slot. For every spin a part of your bet goes to the progressive jackpot pool so you are also more likely to end up with a loss. The payout percentage is the same but it is top-heavy, meaning that the jackpot winner will take the majority of the prize pool as in a lottery.

Choose a slot you like

Usually you play slots to win, but you can also play for entertainment. And this is also what slots are about. Each slot has their own theme so make sure to choose a slot with a theme you like. Among the themes are animals, sports, adventure, cars and music - you will always likely find a game you prefer more than another.

The software providers spend a lot of time creating these games and are constantly developing new concepts but they are in essence the same games as the old ones. The new slots might not be better than the old ones.

Don’t choose a slot because your friend or neighbour or a family member said you will win there for sure. Slots should be fun and entertaining so enjoy and make the most of it when you are playing.