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999 Dice Review

No Welcome Bonus
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Website URL
Founded 2015
First Deposit Bonus None
Second Deposit/ Reload Bonus None
Currencies Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Ethereum
Languages English, Chinese, Lithuanian, Spanish, Croatian, Indonesian, Polish, Turkish, Russian, German
US Friendly Yes

999 Dice is a striking online casino which strips away all the glitz to give you the nitty gritty of gambling. There’s no messing around here, just pure dice betting, using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Arguably one of the best dice games on the net, 999 Dice is provably fair and has a tiny house edge of just 0.1%. This is where the name comes from, boasting a 99.9% pay out!

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 2015.
  • Accepts: Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.
  • Available in English, Chinese, Lithuanian, Spanish, Croatian, Indonesian, Polish, Turkish, Russian, German and Klingon!
  • No welcome bonus.
  • US players are accepted here.


  • Deposits do not require confirmations.
  • Free LTC faucet to try the site out.
  • Provably fair, no-fuss dice gaming.


  • No promotions or welcome bonus.
  • No slots, only one dice game.
  • Only basic support options. In More Detail


999 Dice is a ‘back to basics’ site, not a glamorous casino site. You don’t get any nice graphics, artwork or mascots, just a grey and black screen filled with text! This essentially means that it’s only for certain types of gamblers who want to see the nitty gritty of the experience, not the casual fun side.

When it comes to registration, the process couldn’t be easier, but it may confuse those who are new to online gambling or just new to this kind of stripped down site. Your account is already created when you arrive, generating an account number for that session. If you want to keep the account, you need to enter a username and password. Otherwise your account will be lost if you clear your cookies! This method means that your account is totally anonymous and ready to go in seconds.

Bonuses and Promotions

This kind of site doesn’t really use promotions, as they focus on the pure mathematics of the game, not on advertising. This may put off a lot of players but it does mean that you get what you see here. One could argue that the time and money that other sites put into promotions is instead given straight to the player, thanks to the site’s 99.9% pay out rate. 999 Dice only takes a 0.1% house edge for the site, giving you the best odds possible.

The site also allows you to earn LTC by referring people to the site. You can easily refer friends with your own referral link, which is generated on the home page. This is a very generous setup, because 50% of the house edge of every bet (that’s 0.05%) made by everyone you refer gets added to your balance, win or lose. A nice little earner over time, with no work required from you. This arguably takes the place of a VIP system. You also have the option to get free LTC from a faucet, which is great for trying the site out with no risk!

Deposit and Withdrawal

Banking is very simple here since they only use cryptocurrency, but it does exclude players who prefer to use cards or e-wallets like PayPal. You have a choice of BTC, Doge, LTC and ETH. The minimum withdrawal amount is currently 0.0002 BTC, 2 Doge, 0.002 LTC or 0.005 ETH.

Deposits are made immediately here, not requiring confirmation. You don’t even have to mess with an account section or cashier; there’s a big deposit button on the main page, with your generated Bitcoin code. There’s a QR code version too for convenience. Withdrawals require 1 deposit confirmation, more for larger amounts. The minimum withdrawal is 0.0002 BTC and there’s a 0.001 LTC fee per transaction.

Games and Software Providers

There are no software providers here per se, just the in-house software used to generate dice rolls. Those who like flashy features and animation will be very disappointed here; all you get is the absolute basics, a mathematical interface for betting on numbers. The How to Play tab will explain more; essentially, you’re betting either high or low on the outcome of a random number. Even using the term ‘dice’ is a little misleading, though the concept is just the same. You can choose your win odds before you place a bet (better odds reduce potential profit as you’d expect).

The benefit of this barebones system is that you can see everything taking place, also known as provable fairness. This means that you can actually see the seeds used to generate your result; the code is right there on the site so it cannot be faked. You are given the server seed’s hash. Once the bet has been placed, the server seed is available, and you can verify the fairness of the bet. For automated bets, all bets are made using the same server seed. This may be confusing if you’re new to online betting or coding, but the idea is that you can see digital equivalent of the dice being rolled and check for yourself that the result rolled is the same as the result you saw.

Mobile Casino

Though the site does not provide any apps or directions for mobile use, you can access the site on mobile devices. Simply use your phone or tablet browser. Part of the beauty of raw gambling sites like this is that they’re so simple, any device can access them. You won’t need anything like Flash player.

The mobile page is a little cluttered but it is navigable and it works fine. You’ll need to generate yourself a username if you want your money on the main site and mobile site to match up.

Customer Service

There isn’t really much in the way of customer support here. You do have a contact page, which is just a basic contact form. Sometimes the site owners can be found in the chat too, as admins.

While this means that you don’t get the full welcoming feel of a support team, you could argue that it’s not needed. This kind of site is so simple that there’s nothing that can really go wrong and there’s no promotions to get confused about. Still, it does feel a little cold and that may put off fans of traditional online casinos.

Security Questions

The website has a fully secure connection. You also have a measure of guaranteed security from the use of cryptocurrencies, which cannot be hacked or stolen in the same way as credit card details, for example. The minimalist registration process means that there’s no personal information hanging around.

This site also has great provable fairness, letting you see the hash and seed of each and every bet placed, so you can rest assured that the bets are handled properly.


999 Dice is an excellent raw gambling site, but a poor online casino. If you just want to literally bet cash on the outcome of a random number, then you’re in luck! This is a great place to do that and provably fair, plus it’s a pretty accessible and anonymous setup. If you wanted promotions and bonus rounds and roulette, this is not the site for you.

Rating: 3/5

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